Bulk Email Marketing Software

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    Free Bulk Email Sending Software

    Free Bulk Email Sending Software

    Key Features of Free Bulk Email Sending Software:-

    ✅ Send email directly to inbox not in spam.

    ✅ You can send emails to 1000’s of recipients in no time using this Bulk Mail Software.

    ✅ You can use free emails accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, Hotmail,Lycos & others.

    ✅ Bulk Mailer lets your email land in the Inbox.

    ✅ This Email sender lets the user to send Bulk email to large number of email IDs simultaneously.

    ✅ Allows the user to import email IDs from text or excel files.

    ✅ Also lets the user to send personalized emails with unique matter to large number of IDs in one single operation.

    ✅ It can be used as a Group email sender to send Group emails to a particular group of people.

    ✅ Provides a log file that gives all details about sent and failed emails.

    ✅ Tool is very useful for online marketing.

    ✅ It is also useful for very fast business communications and sending bulk emails in short time.

    ✅ It sends Bulk email at lightning speed and you can use it as Bulk Email Pro software.

    ✅ Tool is compatible with different versions of windows operating system.

    ✅ This is the best email software in market.

    ✅ LifeTime License. No Renewal.

    ✅ Free One Time Installation Live Support.

    ✅ Cash On Delivery Available.

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